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Hi, I am Jeanette Whitten

Married, mother of two, business woman, IT consultant and creator of VeganEnvy.

I have a business degree and spent over 17 years working in technology as a business analyst and project manager helping companies build web applications and deploy technology.

I Would Like to Help You Reduce

My family and parents started eating whole foods, oil free, plant-based in November 2013 following the diets recommended by Forks Over Knives, Dr. McDougall, Dr. Fuhrman, Physician’s Committee for Responsible Medicine, and others like them.

I started VeganEnvy to support others who are doing the same.

My vision is to make Vegan a mainstream, normal, common lifestyle and to connect with other plant-based people so we can support each other on the journey.

  • I create and promote healthy practical family oriented whole-foods plant-based oil-free vegan recipes.
  • I have IBS and also create low-FODMAP vegan recipes for IBS sufferers.
  • I am working on Low FODMAP Vegan Meal Plans and a IBS vegan food elimination and reintroduction program complete with recipes, shopping lists and meal plans..
  • I am interested in partnering to create and promote vegan products.
  • I will write articles, license my recipes, shoot food photography, speak to groups about vegan food, consult with people about their vegan diets, and teach classes.
  • I also provide IT support and IT services to businesses, and build WordPress websites.

I hope to start a Vegan Meetup in Sherwood Park, Canada as soon as I have the time, so I can find out what our community wants to see.

Thank you for stopping by!

Address: Sherwood Park, Canada

Email: jeanette.whitten AT

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