Did you know that adding nuts didn’t make people gain weight?

In over 20 clinical trials about nuts and weight, they confirmed adding nuts to people’s daily food intake did not cause weight gain.  Not a single one showed the weight gain they were expecting, by adding nuts to people’s diets without asking them to adjust in any other way.

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In fact most participants lost weight when they started eating a handful or two of nuts, or spoonful of nut butter a day.

Researchers discovered a couple reasons:

1) people are more satisfied and eat less after the nut snack,

2) nuts increased metabolism, so people were burning more fat while resting.

Eating nuts can help prevent heart attacks and extend your life.

Both men and women can expect  lower rates of heart disease with nuts, because nutrients found in nuts help prevent heart attacks. 

The Harvard Nurse’s Health Study found eating nuts and seeds instead of animal products is a contributor for living a longer life.

Dr. Gregor from nutritionfacts.org found up to 55% of men and 68% of women who die from a sudden heart attack, had no clinically recognized heart disease before their sudden death.

So, start to eat healthier right now, today – before a heart attack happens to you or your loved ones – and you have no time left to change your food.

We should definitely include nuts and seeds in our regular routine!

VeganEnvy Diet Guidelines for Eating Nuts

This is what works great for us!

Eat 1 – 2 oz of nuts daily depending on your height.

1 oz of nuts a day is enough for a short female (I am 5′ 3″) like me, up to 2 oz a day is reasonable for a 6 foot tall male and growing children.

Think of putting nuts or seeds in a shot glass – that is 1.5 oz.  Not much, right?  It is all you need.

More than 1 – 2 oz of nuts or seeds daily will cause weight gain, unless you are exercising more.

Nuts and seeds are 80% healthy fat and are very high in calories, we can overdo it (and gain weight) with nuts and seeds, if we eat so many that we are going way beyond our daily calorie needs.

Good news is:  Nuts Don’t Cause Expected Weight Gain, when people in the studies added a handful or two daily – but, we should not eat more than that unless we are trying to fatten up.

Image of peanuts in a bowl on a counter

Natural Nut Butter and Peanuts Are Equivalent

Natural peanut butter (the only ingredients are nuts – no added sugar, oils, flour etc.) had the same no-weight-gain results as whole peanuts.

Scientists wondered if whole nuts pass through our systems as not chewed, or harder to absorb.

They compared weight gain from eating the same calories in both peanut butter and peanuts, and the lack of weight gain was the same.

If you are not used to it, see more about How to Use Natural Peanut Butter here.

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Eat Nuts or Seeds Daily – Make it Part of Your Routine

I choose to eat a tablespoon of nuts or seeds with my breakfast.  Hemp seeds are one of my favourites.

Eating nuts with breakfast reduces my hunger for longer.  If I forget to put nuts on my breakfast, I will get hungry within a couple of hours.  Just a few nuts or seeds means I can go longer without eating, and when I do eat I am not ravenous.

Sometimes, I also eat nuts for bedtime snack, like a spoon of nut or seed butter and dip fruit in it.  I like almond butter, peanut butter, cashew and seed butter and I also might snack on a handful (3 – 5 nuts) of walnuts or pecans, with fruit or a small amount of dried fruit.

When can you fit a handful of nuts into your day?

Occasionally Use Nuts and Seeds Instead of Beans/Tofu/Tempeh in Cooking

If I make a meal with no beans, I will use nuts, or seeds, instead of beans, to keep us satisfied.  Nut based sauces are high calorie so I serve nuts with a lot of vegetables and leafy greens to keep the meal calorie balanced.

For Example:


Usually once a week, I will make a beans/tofu/tempeh free dinner, or add nuts or seeds with less beans in a meal.

  • Spaghetti casserole with a walnut, basil, spinach pesto sauce (we call it Monster Pie).
  • Thai noodles with vegetables – use a peanut satay sauce.
  • Cashew cheese pasta sauce.
  • Pasta tomato sauce with blended beans and seeds.


  • Salads – add chia seeds to my homemade salad dressings.
  • Sandwiches – nut spread


  • Add a heaping tablespoon of hemp seeds per person in our whole grain waffle recipe.
  • Add a spoonful of nuts or seeds to every breakfast that doesn’t have tofu or beans.

Now – go make some Irresistible Peanut Butter Cookies with this in mind!

Irresistible Peanut Butter Cookies

Tell me, how are you and your family getting daily nuts and seeds?  🙂

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