Tofu or Not Tofu

Tofu – How do I love thee?  Let me count the ways.

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Tofu is fast, a blank slate, chewy, soft or smooth, pretty, raw or cooked, replaces dairy, healthy, satisfying, and kids love it.

Best thing about tofu?  VERSATILE

Second best thing?  Makes us feel full with a happy healthy looking tummy.

Vegan cream sauce with no fat!

This pasta only takes 30 minutes to make, and is a great way to use soft silken tofu to make a creamy, tomato and zucchini pasta sauce for dinner that is oil free and nut free.

If you like garlic, tomatoes and creamy sauces you will like this simple pasta dish.  It is an easy and quick vegan recipe for beginners and experienced cooks alike.

Recipe 2 – Bok Choy Tofu Soup

Bok Choy goes so great with tofu, and soy sauce.  A medium tofu (softer than firm) works best in the soup because it has a complementary soft texture to the stiffer bok choy and carrots.

The texture combinations when you enjoy a spoonful of this, are truly excellent.

The simple seasonings of ginger and soy sauce make it a perfect meal.

You should make this soup because it is a creamy, fat-free, silken tofu, cauliflower, and potato soup (well more like a chowder) that is hearty, and healthy, as well as vegan, and dairy free, and it only takes 45 minutes to make.

Plus kids love it, if you know any of those.  If you have soft silken tofu to use for dinner, this is a great option.

The recipe uses extra firm tofu, as a vegan Indian paneer cheese substitute, so it is dairy-free.  Palak is a spinach curry – this one uses frozen chopped spinach, a little tomato, onion and eggplant to make a great tasting simple and fast base.

If you don’t have any eggplant, just add another package of tofu or a can of chickpeas, because either of those will taste great too.

The comforting spices in this dish make it unique and special, filling the kitchen with enticing East Indian aromas.

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The recipe uses extra firm tofu, it is a fantastic tasting, healthy simple vegan lasagna with no oil.

It uses tofu and spinach as a quick and easy ricotta cheese substitute. This is a winning pasta recipe to serve to non-vegans, or if you are looking for what dish to cook a vegan for dinner, that everyone will like.

It tastes like a traditional Italian lasagna, except it is low fat, and high fibre, the zucchini makes it so colourful, and so good for you!

Even if you have never made lasagna, you can succeed with this simple basic lasagna 101 recipe.

The recipe uses both medium tofu and extra firm tofu, and kids love it.

It calls for the Epicure Pad Thai spice mix (available in Canada only) and is:

  • sweet and tangy with an authentic Thai taste, and has
  • tamarind, garlic and cilantro for true Southeast Asian flavours.

Forks Over Knives and

All recipes are created to meet whole foods plant based (WFPB) oil-free eating recommendations from whole foods plant based experts from Forks Over Knives, and with ingredients selected for disease prevention based on nutrition study results from

If you like these recipes, you are not alone, healthy vegan is trending!

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