Today is the perfect day to start eating plant-based.

Getting protein from animal products isn’t as satisfying as you think

Many people struggle to quit eating meat because they think it has a positive influence on their life. There are two common positives that get cited: meat builds muscle and provides more energy that plants.

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But neither is true.

For one, muscle is built from resistance to stress, not what you eat.  Meatless athletes are muscular!  The more you do with your muscles, the larger they will be.

Then there is the extra energy that animal protein supposedly provides. Think about how you feel after a large turkey dinner, or an all you can eat buffet with cheese and ice cream – like you need to lie down!  Your body struggles to process animal proteins and fat.  With that struggle comes stomach aches, indigestion and weight gain from too many calories.  Whole foods plant based meals do not make you feel like taking a nap!  The only reason a person feels like meat and dairy provide energy is because that is the only way they know how to eat.

Once you realize that there are no positives to eating animals, the appeal of meat and dairy dips, and changing to plant-based becomes a lot easier.

For more on how to plan plant-based meals, read the post: How to Eat Vegan for Energy and Weight Loss – For Adults and Kids and check out these Whole Foods Plant Based Recipe Ideas.

Adding Healthy Plant Based Meals to Your Menu is Easy!

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