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I created VeganEnvy to be a fun, relevant, engaging, social and helpful place for you to belong.

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You will get:

  • satisfying plants only whole foods no oils RECIPES that prevent and reverse disease,
  • science and nutrition based REASONS to stop eating meat and dairy,
  • a fun COMMUNITY, JOKES and
  • rewarding and IMMEDIATE health and weight changes

when you eat the VeganEnvy way.

Jeanette cutting vegan gingerbread with cashew cream

We have fun, we support each other,

we are MAINSTREAM average people,

we have lots of ENERGY, we LOOK AND FEEL GREAT,

and we move the world closer to a kinder and better place

where being vegan is the norm.

You will learn that eating and feeding friends and family vegan meals is as easy and as tasty as pie.

Anyone interested in vegan foods, even once a week, is welcome.

You will make others envious of YOUR RESULTS, so they too will want to join our HEALTHY community.

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The content I share on social media will help you stay informed, make you laugh, give you inspiration, and you will feel part of a community that helps ourselves, each other, the planet, and animals with our choices.

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