Tofu, Baby Bok Choy, and Wild Rice in Teriyaki Sauce

Tofu, Baby Bok Choy, and Wild Rice in Teriyaki Sauce

Tofu, Baby Bok Choy, and Wild Rice in Teriyaki Sauce

Vegan Food Share – What my family ate tonight for a plant-based dinner.

Spending a long weekend at our lake cottage,

Here is how I made our easy healthy tofu dinner, on this lazy, rainy day.  

I’m always inventing cooking methods on the fly, boiling tofu in my vegetable water is a good example of this.  We like the way the bok choy water flavours the tofu.

Perhaps salt in the water would taste good, as well?  Or maybe its better to add it at the table, not sure.

Extra firm tofu, Wild Rice, Baby Bok Choy and Teriyaki Sauce.  Time – about 60 minutes.

Wild Rice

Measured water and wild rice and put to cook in a pot on the stove.

This rice needs 45 – 55 min to cook.

Baby Bok Choy

I looked in the fridge.  Hmmm, a bag of baby bok choy, and two packages of extra firm tofu.  Let’s do this!

I cut the bottoms off the baby bok choy, and placed the leaves in a bowl.  Covered them with water and swished them around to get the dirt off.  In the city, where I’m not getting water from a cistern, I would put the cut bok choy in a wide colandar and rinse them off.


Usually I serve baby bok choy whole, but there was a fair amount of grit on these, so I cut the white bottoms off, to get them extra clean.

Turns out that cutting them first makes them separate into leaves, which are easier to eat.  Living and learning, right?

Put a few cups of water in a pot and placed the bok choy in it, covered on high until it started boiling.

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Extra Firm Tofu

Cubed the tofu, and added the cubes to the saucepan / pot of boiling bok choy for the last 5 minutes.  The water just covered the tofu, so I knew it would get hot.

Teriyaki Sauce

I made a teriyaki sauce with some seasoning I found, plus soy sauce, and brown sugar.  Next time I’ll try to make it without the seasoning mix, it seems to be made out of garlic, green onion, sesame seeds, sugar and soy sauce.

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Plated the rice first, then the bok choy, with the glistening tofu on top.

Spooned the teriyaki sauce over top, for us parents.  

Left the kids plain, no sauce, the way they like it right now.

Called the family, and we all enjoyed this easy tofu dinner meal, on a rainy, and cozy end of summer day.

I forgot to add fresh green onions!

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