We adopted these cute little kittens in February of 2017 from Zoe’s Animal Rescue, a fantastic organization that places animals in trouble in foster homes, for future forever homes.

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It’s a shelterless rescue operation, run by volunteers.

Nova the VeganEnvy cat


Nebula the VeganEnvy cat


Brother and sister, orange and tortie, they were so shy when we brought them home.  They hid under couches and in small spaces the whole first day.

They were rescued  from a person who was hoarding animals.

They were a bonded pair and could only be adopted together.  Perfect!  We already knew we wanted two cats.


walking the veganenvy cats

My kids have been socializing them, and taking them for frequent walks wearing  little sweaters – it gets chilly in March in Canada!

 They are growing fast, and we are so happy to have them as part of our family.

cat wearing sweater

Walking the cats at our lake place in the spring.

cats on leashes

What Does a Vegan Family Feed Their Cats?

We feed them Kirkland cat kibble from the local Costco.  I know, commercial pet food is a great way to send your pet to an early grave – because it is so processed, right? Plus we are hurting the farmed animals.  🙁

But, we have found they LOVE cooked asparagus and broccoli.  Like REALLY love them.  They seem fine after eating them too.  Maybe a bit happier…

We try to give them some green cooked vegetables daily.


Here’s a vid of them eating that I put on the VeganEnvy YouTube channel.

I did some research and found that cats can eat a vegetarian diet with supplements, but haven’t pursued that yet.  Baby steps.

About their Names?

Their names come from outer space phenomenon, because science.

A Nebula is a cloud of dust, or gases, in space.

Nebulas are beautiful to look at, with many colours – like our little cat Nebula.

A Nova in space, is when a star gets close to another and the atmospheres ignite and erupt lighting things up – like our little cat Nova.


nebula in space

Nebula example

Nova - Explosion in Space

Nova example

Cosmic Coincidence

Novae mostly occur in the sky along the path of the Milky Way, but usually concentrate near the observed galactic centre in Sagittariusthat is my sign.

Also, the last bright nova visible to earth was V1369 Centauri reaching 3.3 magnitude on 14 December 2013 – that’s my birthday!  




Speaking of birthdays, their birthday has been determined (somewhat arbitrarily) to be November 15, 2016.

I’m looking forward to making treats for their birthday party!


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